Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)

Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is a premier investigating agency. Originally set up to investigate bribery and governmental corruption, in 1965 it received expanded jurisdiction to investigate breaches of central laws enforceable by the Government of India, multi-state organised crime, multi-agency or international cases. The agency has been known to investigate several economic crimes, special crimes, cases of corruption and other cases. CBI is exempted from the provisions of the Right to Information Act. CBI is India's officially designated single point of contact for liaison with the Interpol.

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The CBI's autonomy, ability to function free from the control of the Executive is the need of the hour. Currently, the CBI needs permission from the state to investigate the wrongdoings of the state, it is known to not take action against powerful politicians, and is often manipulated by politicians for taking out their personal vendettas.

Area of Concern Summary Problem Summary Solution
Political Interference CBI operations are often manipulated by politicians to take out personal vendetta. Additionally it does not help that CBI needs approval from state governments to look into wrongdoings in the state.
Political Interference CBI has often failed to take action against powerful politicians.
Lack of Autonomy, Transparency, Accountabiltiy Urgent reform is needed in order to ensure CBI's independence.
Lack of Clarity of Structure Seeking consent of state governments interferes with CBI operations. CBI's role and structure needs to be redesigned.
Capacity Gaps Another issue relating to functioning of the CBI, like all police force, is vacancy in the sanctioned strength
Autonomy CBI has been reduced to a puppet in the hands of the government. CBI's autonomy, ability to function free from the control of the executive is the need of the hour.

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