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Interactive Tool: Structure of the Indian Government

Hello Reader! Welcome to the Civic Studios interactive tool on understanding the Indian government and its public institutions.

About the tool: The interactive tool helps visualise and understand the various levels and arms of the government as well as its accountability structure. As you navigate this tool, you will be introduced to each of the public institutions under the Union, State, and Local government. Clicking on any institution expands it further to provide a brief description and video links to learn more.

Feedback: While this tool has been primarily developed for internal learning purposes at Civic Studios, we are keen to keep it publicly accessible for other organisations, students or keen citizens who may find value in it. We also hope for this tool to constantly improve and evolve with feedback and suggestions, so please do write to us with any comments at

About Civic Studios: We are a media house that leverages the power of storytelling to create civic education & participation, bringing together citizens and government to help build better democracies. You can learn more about our work at

Diagram Highlighting Difference and Overlap in Areas of Work of Central and State Government